16 April 2009


I want candy. Outside of Diet Coke (which I haven't had since Christmas), candy seems to be my nemesis - able to take me down the windy road to the land where teeth wear fuzzy sweaters and suggested serving size is mere comedy.

Darn Easter candy got me. I bought a small bag of jelly beans, with the intention of bringing them to the Easter brunch I attended. The bag someohow opened well before said brunch and jelly beans found their way into my salivating mouth. Blast! Tuesday it was the gift of Peeps from a co-worker. It had been a long time since I'd had them. A fresh batch of Peeps is squishy delishy! We had one package left over on Tuesday, which went to another co-worker. He decided not to eat them yesterday and I thought about them and my chances of luring them over to my desk all afternoon. I resisted.

My will to resist the mighty Peep didn't last long, as my movie night with a friend turned into a candy feast! Pick out what you want! Mmm...okay. Peeps are haunting me now. This time they were classic yellow, but bunny shaped Peeps. Here's what a candy freak I am, I actually debated the finer points of shape - bunny vs. chick (or whatever that's supposed to be!) and how, if at all, it would affect the taste. Becacuse, I reasoned, the classics were soo good, what if the bunnies aren't as tasty? Seriously? Come on! Yes, the bunnies were just as tasty.

I'm currently resisting the stack of left over movie candy in the kitchen. I give it a few hours....good thing I had a giant salad for lunch. Gotta counter balance the sugar somehow!

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k said...

You do have a mighty sweet tooth, don't you?

Salty/foods are my down fall as I cannot resist dips and their counterparts to save my life.