10 April 2009

Love/Hate Friday

Answering K's question of the day: What am I loving and hating today?

Love: That I got out of work a few minutes early.

Hate: That I still have a few projects I needed to do some more work. Brought them home.

Love: Sunny running weather.

Hate: Tomorrow's long run will start early and be chilly.

Love: My new bed! 

Love: How hard I laugh at work every day.

Hate: Smelling like the place I ate my last meal. Qdoba is starting to get on my nerves for this reason.

Love: Spontaneous invitations.

Hate: When I say something I end up regretting. Need to remember to think before speaking.

Love: This.

Hate: Feeling like I'm in a foreign language immersion program sometimes at work with a certain new project.

Love: That I have a job that challenges me. 

Love: Freshly painted nails.

What are you loving or hating today?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOVE the youtube dance along!
HATE that I wasn't there!!