21 April 2009

Leap Year

I've heard this song called "Leap Year", by Maria Taylor on slacker.com or last.fm a couple months ago and it's one of those songs I've listened to over and over again since. I found this fan video on youtube...how can you go wrong with puppies? They are very fitting for the song's lyrics, they will always wait for you!

I will wait for you

Growing love but like water

Time will always slip through

I will wait for you

But please come soon...

I love the lyrics and can relate to the idea of waiting, saying you'll wait, but wanting what's on the other end of the wait so badly.

Is it in a plan

Written in your hand

Believe or understand

Something other than

What are you listening to on repeat these days? What is it about the song that gets to you and makes you want to hear it again and again?

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