03 March 2009


Is there really a difference between being daring and not knowing better? I think there is. Knowing better takes history/level of danger/risk into account. Being daring, looks at the history/danger factor and decides the risk is worth the reward and that the possibility of loss isn’t that great. In other words, you can safely utter and answer the phrase, “what do I have to lose?” If I were more daring and/or didn’t know any better these are things I might do:

Quit my job and start a business catering to high net worth individuals who have more money than time.

Ask the next man who I fancy if he’ll marry me sooner rather than later.

Find a way to get what’s mine without it being traced back to me.

Find a way to go on tour with the Kings of Leon.

Sky dive.

Eat candy all day.

Get a giant visible tattoo.

Tell more people what I really think.

Max out as many credit cards as I can get my hands on.

It's probably a good thing for all involved that I know better/am not that daring. Just saying. What would you do if you didn't know better/were more daring?

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k said...

I would try to get pregnant right away and not worry about the month the baby was due (ie potentially being relegated to spending 3 months indoor due to flu season and snow).