16 March 2009

better mouse trap?

How do you build a better mouse trap? The folks at d-Con think they've done it. I was curious and happen to have a bit of a mouse-travaganza going on at my house, so I thought I'd help them out with some field research. I set two last night, baited with creamy peanut butter. If the mice are able to foil the trap and still eat the peanut butter, as they've done one a previous trap, there's still the offside chance they'll get salmonella! I will check them tonight for the combined yield from last night and all day today.

The fact that I have to actively eradicate another species from my home is painful. I don't like it. But even more I dislike the fact that from time to time I can hear them creeping around in my walls. I haven't seen them like previous invasions. Are they afraid of me? Or just trying to keep it on the D-L? Hello, you're not doing a very good job.

I. Can. Hear. You!

Clearly, they are not familiar with the phrase "quiet as a mouse"! Amateurs!

I'm horrified to imagine how many there might be teeming around in my house.


k said...

HaHa! You said, "I.Can.Hear.You."

We have a resident in our chiminy who is scratch-scratch-scratching his way to town. And I'm all, Rap!Rap!Rap! on the wall with my knuckle telling him to cut it out.

It creeps me out.

*fish said...

I talk/yell at my rodents too. Found this interesting - mice may already be carrying salmonella or be the part of the cause, so a little peanut butter/salmonella disaster in the human realm is no big thing to them.