24 March 2009

run like the wind

There are about seven more weeks until my 25k race! I can't believe it. Training has been going pretty well. I finally feel like I've fully bounced back and am at the level I should be after being sick at the end of February - that was like a month ago already! Wow! 

I'm always amazed when I don't want to run, but do it anyway and it turns out so well. I so did not want to run today. I'm working between two different training schedules and one offers Tuesdays as an optional short run. The other schedule counts Tuesdays as a regular (yet short) run. I had all but made up my mind to skip tonight until I started thinking about how it would probably be more painful to make up the miles tacked on to longer runs later this week than to just run them today. So that's what got me out the door. It was a great little 3 mile work out + hills. Felt energized and hungry afterward! Take that "excuse part" of my brain! 

The sleep part of my brain is winning now. Good night.

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