28 March 2009


so...i'm not sure if it was the extensive gratitude list i went through in my head today while running the last 2 or so miles of my 10 mile run that turned the day against me. "oh, you have so much to be grateful for, we'll even the score a bit and see how you deal with it."

i was to take delivery on a luxurious new bed this afternoon. guys showed up when they said they would. i'm more than psyched that my dream bed is about to become a reality. the first hiccup, the slat system for the bed frame is one solid piece that won't fit up the stairs. no problem, there's a lesser quality slat system that comes in three pieces. i'll just swap the one piece for that. guys say mattress should fit, no problem, since they're a little flexible. yeah, you guessed it, no dice. turns out the only way i'll ever have a queen bed is if i can figure out a way to remove the windows upstairs. the bed will have to come up through the window. the delivery guys weren't willing to touch the windows, but said if i can figure it out, they'd get the bed inside. where the f*ck is a macgyver when you need one? 

i'm sooo bummed. 

then after running a few errands i decide it would be a good night to rent some dvds. blockbuster didn't agree with me on that one. as i'm walking in the door seeing a giant winding line, the clerks are telling people they can "put items on hold" if they want. i was like, what are the computers down? yep! i walked right back out again. 

so of course what i really want to do is just go to bed and i can't even do that properly because my old bed is in pieces in the basement. *shakes fist* so over it already! why can't i just get what i want?  

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