19 March 2009

sleep and dreams

I got another good night's sleep last night, more than 7 hours of sleep. Perhaps that's why I had some strange dreams? Or just had enough sleep to be able to remember them. I love remembering my dreams, it's like visiting a whole other world without leaving the comfort of your own bed! Here's a sample from last night:

Working with a few other kids on a giant graffiti piece that covered a wall the size of a semi truck. We were working mostly with black and red. I could feel the spray back in the wind and smell the smell of the paint as it wafted by my nose.

I was part of a group that was going to take part in a police/fire department school. By luck of the draw, I was going to be in the group that went with the fire department. Good thing, since I've already done the police department school in real life!

I was whipped into a frenzy because there were going to be repairs/renovations where I was living in the dream (not my real life house). I was worried about all of my things/the furniture, which appeared to be antique. For some reason my clothes were all over the house - not strewn, but in like three different closets in different parts of the house and I was ranting about how it didn't make sense and made getting dressed a ridiculous affair each morning. Guess there was good reason for the renovation!

Shawn Lovell Tree bed

Do you remember your dreams? Dream in color? Have recurring dreams? So fascinating!! Here's to another good night's sleep later and interesting dreams!

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