28 February 2009


...i was almost side-swiped by a youngish-looking girl driving what appeared to be her mother in the family mini-van. i was nearly run off the road.

...ran four miles, which is a few miles short of where i should be this week in my training. darn head cold! i guess it's better that i was sick this far out and not a few weeks before the race.

...went to the library. got several books and movies on DVD, including 21 and Isaac Mizrahi's book "How to Have Style". The book is about developing your own personal style and it has several "case studies" - exactly the kind of creative project I'd love to work on!

...had extreme cravings for candy - anything gummi, mike & ike's, dark chocolate - but did not carry out desire.

...also craving diet coke today. something about the sunshine, driving around with music blaring...it would have been a perfect day to add some liquid chemicals to my system. stayed strong though. i've been dodging the diet crack now for a couple months. the fact that i'm still craving and thinking about it really underscores the fact that it's an addiction!

...bought turbo tax. just need to DO the taxes now. have to be in the mood for it. not tonight!

...just started watching 21, and can tell i'm going to want to go to Vegas to beat the house after watching.

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