27 March 2009

a few things

I'm wearing a sweater I may or may not have worn already this week. I don't remember, so if I did wear it, I'm hoping nobody else remembers either.

They're rearranging cube land and for the next few days until I completely move to another cube, I can see into the IT guy across the hall's cube and vice versa. I feel like I have an audience. I'm sure he's thrilled too!

I watched this Nova Marathon Challenge DVD from the library last night and it has me thinking about a marathon. There are seven more weeks left until my 25k and I'm thinking I could just keep training and run the whole Grand Rapids Marathon in October. Just a thought after seeing completely sedentary folks train for and finish a marathon in less than 10 months. I'm thinking it might not be out of my grasp. We'll see how I feel after the 25k.

I can't wait for my new bed to arrive!
My co-worker keeps talking about Sasquatch Music Festival. Every band I've been listening to recently and then some is playing. Kings! of! Leon! I want to go there! It's Memorial Day weekend. Anyone want to go with me?
Cannot wait for this movie to come out! It's not until October, but like someone in Cubeland just said, we get to go to the beach between now and then. At least we'll have something nice to do while we're waiting!


k said...

Given your new audience, you'll have to keep your at-work-porn-viewing to a minimum.

loveball said...


good thing Dietsch has her own office.

Kaylen said...

ha, I've done that "omg, did I wear this already this week" clothing game! I work with very fashionable people (which I am not), so I spent the entire day stressing about it!!