24 March 2009


I've heard the word "hobo" popping up in conversation more and more these days. I'm guessing it's related to people's fears about our precarious economic situation. I wasn't sure of the word's roots until reading something a couple days ago - it's shorthand for Homeward Bound. Like back in the day when one might hop a train or hitchhike and say "I'm homeward bound". Apparently all it took was enough of these cats floating around and a new word is born - hobo! (I just looked up hobo on Wiki and apparently there are many differing theories about where the word came from. So draw your own conclusions!)

I just saw this today and apparently candy sales are doing well despite the economy. I can attest to that (say hello to Mike and Ike in my desk drawer!) I can safely say, however, no matter how hard up I get for some sugary satisfaction, I will not EVER grab for some Hobo Beans. They're maple flavored, people! Who in their right mind thought that would ever be okay?! Can you imagine the pitch meeting for them?

"So Hobo Beans will be baked bean flavored jelly beans. Consider it an homage to the days of yore - when people actually ate out of can warmed over a fire. They'll come in a cute tin can with an adorable dog watching its master warm food over a barrel fire. And best part ever - MAPLE is the only flavor they'll come in! I think we've got ourselves a winner. Kids will eat 'em up."

Um, no they won't. This 35 year old kid is disgusted by anything maple flavored. And anyone old enough to have actually eaten out of a can during the Great Depression, probably doesn't have any teeth left or isn't even around for this candy resurgence! I would bet they'd be glad for it!

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