11 March 2009


things catching my eye, or making me feel like i want to gouge my own eyes out these days:

hot: cookies of the home made oatmeal chocolate chip variety.

not: facebook. we're not friends right now. we may make up at some point, but i'm not ready yet.

hot: neko case. her song "this tornado loves you" has been going through my head all week.

not: old wounds

hot: the prospect of some extra green in this week's pay check.

not: the prospect of my entire department moving cubes.

hot: sleeping and thinking about getting a new bed.

not: talk that rihanna is back with the "man" who beat her. rihanna, don't give him permission to hit you again by going back. like oprah said, any man who hits you once will hit you again given the chance. and the only chance a guy prone to violence needs is proximity. if you're not in his life, he can't hit you.

hot: grey's anatomy. finished season two and the search is on for season three drama.

not: the weather outside today feels colder than it's been all winter. 21 with a windchill of 11! the wind means business people!

hot: pie from the grand traverse pie company. anything with a cumb topping = delicious.

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