28 March 2010

Life Work Balance

Sigh...another Sunday night.

Back in the day, Sunday night's used to be all about a furious rush of homework, getting ready for another week in school. I'd think, "Not another Monday already!"

I might be thinking, "Not another Monday already!" right now, but I take solace in the fact that the weeks have been flying by just as quickly as the weekends. Another Friday/weekend is closer than I can imagine!

Adult me tries very hard to balance work life and the rest of my life. And I also try very hard to enjoy each and every day, work day or weekend day! I have been working a bit on the weekend to get a jump on busy weeks lately, but I tend to go in only for a couple hours mid-to-late morning on Sunday so it doesn't take up my whole day. Then I can shove it away and enjoy the rest of my Sunday without having it take up space in my brain on Sunday night. Seems to work pretty well!

When I had my own business, I actually told my business partner very early on not to call me evenings or weekends unless the building was burning down or the IRS was going to audit us. Might have been an extreme measure, but it was what I felt I needed to do at that point. My operating system is not all work/no play. I'd burn out and be a complete crab all the time. For me, it's about knowing what I can and cannot tolerate and at the same time being flexible enough to go with the flow, but not drown in it.

Another thing I do to maintain life/work balance is to not take work home. I try really hard to leave work at work, unless I'm taking it home. Wait, that probably doesn't sound quite right! Let's say this, I'm very purposeful about taking work home. One day a week I actually take work home on purpose, because my job allows for a work at home day. When you know you can count on that day, it actually adds to the life/work balance.

Speaking of life balance, it's almost time for bed. If I don't get enough sleep, the whole balance equation is way thrown off! Happy Sunday night, Monday morning! Here's to a great balanced week!

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Avante Guardian Angel said...

Are you going to tell us whats in the bag or what? :)