23 March 2010

Spring Thinking

Spring is a time for cleaning, renewal, and new growth. It's also got me thinking about:

Peeps. I find these marshmallow treats to be strangely fascinating. I love the sugary texture on the outside and the squishy marshmallow middles.

Running. When am I not thinking about running though? HA! Saturday was the official start of spring. I ran my long run in the snow with my running buddy A and a bunch of folks from the Grand Rapids Running Club. Did not mind the temperature at all, it was the pelty snow hitting my face as the wind blew that I found fault with. It could have been rain, which would have been worse! There will be plenty of runs in the rain, I'm sure. There's been talk about keeping our running base up after Riverbank Run and training for our first marathon. This just might be the year for such a challenge.

Getting outta Dodge. Wanderlust. In my brain, this topic is so often thought of, but not nearly often enough taken up. I feel like the girl who cries "vacation!" In the past, I've struggled making solid use of my vacation time. I've got time booked this summer. But need to get crack a lacking on taking a quick trip to help keep my spirit fresh. I really want to go somewhere sunny/warmer than here! I'd even "settle" for a city trip.

Prom. Spring is the time for prom. My time for prom is not this spring! LOL. Yeah, I wouldn't want to go back to my own prom. It would be cool though to have a dressy occasion to look forward to. Perhaps a fancy girl's night dinner is in order?

Tulips. A bunch of spring tulips is such a simple way to brighten up a dinner table or a night table. They're so cheery and not fussy at all. They're hearty and beautiful.

Sandals. Looking forward to the weather being warm enough to have bare toes exposed in some cutie sandals.

What spring things are you thinking about?

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