11 March 2010

Agent 99 Details

K asked for a few more details about my Agent 99 post, so here you go:

54. Gone to a drive-in theater. I have fuzzy memories of this one and it's not because of any unsavory behavior on my part. I was probably five or six years old and that was a loong time ago, kids! I was with my older cousins, I think. A bunch of us were piled into the car's back seat like puppies in a box. I cannot remember specifically which movie it was that we saw. Maybe it was Superman? That would have made me about 4 years old. Hmm...it's all very fuzzy. I wish I remembered more!

69. Saved a favorite childhood toy. I did not have a ton of Barbies when I was younger, so I cherished them and treated them very well - no hair cuts or anything like that. I have a few of them in a shoe box somewhere in my basement! Golden Dream Barbie had golden wire-y hair mixed in with her blond that you could "style" in pretty waves! She also had some fab gold disco nightclub clothes with arm warmers! I also have Pink & Pretty Barbie.

84. Had your picture in the newspaper. That's me on the left as a high school freshman, watching the finish of the guy's mile race at a City League track meet. I was a runner in HS, but just barely. For me, track meets were more about socializing and being with my friends than anything else.

91. Met someone famous. When I worked in New York, I worked for an entertainment public relations firm, so I've had plenty of sightings. I have a list that's kind of ridiculous. I should dig it up and do a post. Through my job though, I spent a significant amount of one day with Carrot Top before he got all roided out. He was doing an appearance on one of the late night shows and I was his PR chaperone for the taping. He was nice. Nothing too out of the oridinary happened.

The best though, wasn't through work. It was completely by chance and a little luck. I had extreme pleasure of meeting Gwen Stefani when No Doubt played Grand Rapids on their Tragic Kingdom tour. I actually won tickets via the radio, "be caller number nine right now and you'll get to go see No Doubt!" I was and I did! I brought my brother D because this band CIV was the opener and we had just spent some time at the first ever Warped Tour (1995) hanging with a couple friends in Orange 9mm and Quicksand who happened to be friends CIV. We're out front waiting for doors and we see CIV's bass player Arthur and this guy Izzy that we also knew. We all chat. They ask where our seats are and say they'll come get us so we can hang out backstage. The show was amazing and sure enough, we get to go back stage. We're just kicking it with everyone and in walks Gwen. She was super nice. I remember she was wearing a white wife beater, a long army-green skirt and geisha sandals. I don't remember being introduced formally, but of course I knew who she was. This was just at the beginning of her superstardom. We had a chat about going to Catholic school and singing in church. She said she loved to sing in church and I said I did too and then felt all dorky, because of course she loves to sing in church, she's a famous singer!

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