01 March 2010

Teenage Me

At the Downtown GR Rail Jam this weekend standing among throngs of teenage boys decked in snowboard gear, I noticed I had something in common with many of them.


I came this close (-----) to asking the kid who stood next to me for about an hour watching the pee wee kids ride the course who his orthodontist was and what kind of brackets he had. Yeah. Kind of nerdy, yes. I didn't do it. The brackets weren't that noticable and I'm hoping I can score the same kind! Braces are coming soon, people! My fingers are crossed that it happens this month. As much as I'm used to life with expanders, I'm ready to move it along.

Besides realizing how much in common I have with the teens, the weekend was a mixed bag per se. After being totally moody, seasonal affective disorder-y most of the day Saturday, Sunday was a world of difference in terms of my overall attitude. Pancakes, good company, watching some snowboard action in my own downtown, a tasty latte and seeing my book club girls had a lot to do with a better day. Oh, and deciding not to go into work. I did what I wanted to do instead of what I felt I "should" do and amazingly the day was a great one!

So besides having orthodontia, here's to having more in common with the teens - doing more of what I want to do. Having more fun!

Oh, it's 11:11 p.m., make a wish! Don't tell me exactly what your wish was, but tell me what you want more of in your life.

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