14 March 2010

Spring (Cleaning) Ahead

Lest I become someone that gets featured on that awful show about hoarding, I got the bug to clean out some junk from my basement. I love quality packaging and I have a hard time getting rid of the original boxes stuff comes in. I do, but I'll have you know I still have a few kicking around. I'll think "well, when I move, I'll want this box." Um, hello, I've lived in my house for quite some time now and I don't see a move coming on the horizon. Bring the lolz! I do see the hilarity, which is why every so often I have to break down a few boxes and haul them to recycling! Besides, when I do move, I'm so getting movers who will provide the boxes and pack everything!

I also came across a few of my old Swatch watches - in the original packaging. Perhaps I shall sell them on the ebay. Will have to check on Swatch demand. I've been hanging on them since I moved back from NYC. I don't wear (and haven't) any of them I'd consider selling.

Oh, I found a mold of my teeth from 2001 when I was considering getting some dental work done for a couple of my top teeth. I took out my top expander to compare and holy cow! It won't even fit. It's remarkable how much wider my bite has become with the expander! I'm really happy I waited until now to get braces and didn't go the other route I considered for half a minute.

Also down there, hundreds of plastic clown noses from my days with the circus, a couple old violins that need restoration, a couple old area rugs I'm not sure what to do with, gear from my beauty school days (I actually have a bag full of mannequin heads for hair cutting and coloring!) and so many other artifacts of days gone by.

This has to be the most random post ever...hey, kids here's what I found in my basement today! What's the oddest thing in your basement?

Hope you had a super productive or simply lazy Day Light Savings Sunday - whichever made you happy! Now I'm off to find some food. All that spring cleaning has made me so very hungry!

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k said...

Okay, that bag of mannequin heads is reason enough for me to never go in your basement. So, so creepy.

Weirdest thing in our basement?--a milk crate full of Kool and the Gang tapes that my husband is determined to turn into CDs. (Sigh)