10 March 2010


Hello Internetz,

Yesterday was a day full of wonderment. What I thought would be an ordinary trip to the orthodontist, where I'd get my trap looked at and he'd say, "meh, come back in a month," turned into the application of actual braces!

Yes y'all, I finally got some braces! Right now it's just six brackets on my lower front teeth. All those times when I was little when I'd form my gum into a small strip that would fit in front of my teeth like "braces" has finally paid off. And that's about what it feels like, extra baggage. It's a little pinchy and scratchy, but doesn't feel entirely ridiculous like the expanders felt. It took me a good solid week before I got used to that heap of metal. My teeth do feel somewhat tender though. Tendertooth can be my new code name. Apple eating will be kept to a minimum!

I'd post a picture, really I would. Oh, I tried to capture them in all their glory, but it's not pretty. Nobody should take pictures of just their teeth - unless, of course, you're a tooth model or something. My goodness, people. The pics were scary and cannot be shared. I'd hate to be responsible for seared retnas. Funny thing is, I clearly knew my teeth needed a little straightening up, but it wasn't until I started taking pictures of them in order to document the braces process that I realized just how jacked up they were. I guess a macro lens will do that! Perhaps once everything all straight and pretty, I'll share a before and after. Perhaps.

That is all for now.

Sincerely yours,

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k said...

Look at you all fancy-like with your mouth bling!