27 February 2010


Life feels like a hamster wheel lately. Day in, day out it seems like the same thing EVERY. DAY. and it's just about to drive me crazy! Typical day involves making my breakfast UltraShake, feeding the kitties, work, running, showering (for what always seems like the millionth time!) making some sort of dinner and then finally sitting down finally with nothing left that MUST be done. Add to that three months of gray, cold winter and I'm so ready to jet off somewhere warm and just stay there forever.

This is what I'd wear:

This is where I'd want to stay:

This is what my hair would look like:

Seriously, everyday I'd just wake up with Giselle's hair without having to "do" it!

This is how relaxed I'd feel:

photo via eihr.com

Okay, that little mental vacation was amazing! I'm hoping it's just the time of year, end of winter blahs that I'm experiencing. Soon enough we'll have Day Light Savings Time again. The weather will start to improve. I'll be able to run outside more regularly without having to bundle up or worry about slushy, icy roads. In the meantime, I'm going to do my best to focus on what I'm doing at that minute, like really getting zen with whatever it is I'm doing and be grateful for the ability I have to do such things rather than hate every minute of it.

Is winter driving you nuts too? Want to jet off somewhere warm with me?

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CurlyGirl said...

Actually, could I join you on that little mental vacation? It was oh so thrifty and yet I felt a little relaxed daydreaming that I was there. Perhaps it could involve some of your yummy bakegoods too, but then I most definately wouldn't look like the gal in the bikini.