01 February 2009

juice ahoy!

This is just a sample of the ridiculous amount (for me) of fruit and greens I bought on Friday. I pledge to eat/drink all of this and then start the whole deal over again. I've been a vegetarian for near 15 years and I know I can always up my fruit and veggie intake. Yesterday and today it was a pineapple, orange and banana concoction. Juiced the oranges, add to blender with fresh pineapple and a whole banana. Blend and enjoy! It was soo good! I'm going to attempt a green juice with kale, green apple, and cucumber. Maybe a little celery. I'll let you know how that goes.

P.S. I've been good and didn't buy the fancy pants.

1 comment:

anita joy said...

Love the side of ginger. A little digestive aid to go with that citrus. I've been digging on pears lately!