17 February 2009

smoky topaz visits

when i'm not feeling well, this is what i really want:
  • to be able to stay in my jammies all day

  • to drink ginger ale (vernors)

  • to drink juice

  • to be in possession of soft tissues

  • to have an ample amount of benadryl to knock me out at night

  • to have a steady supply of interesting movies to watch while I doze on the couch

  • to already have ample groceries in the house, so i don't have to go anywhere

  • to feel better

this is how it's really going:

  • cannot stay in jammies all day. technically not sick enough to warrant using paid time off. work might frown on my choice in jammies.

  • drank vitamin water that i brought to work. brought two today, as one wasn't enough yesterday. oh, the thirst!

  • soft tissues are plentiful. small blessings.

  • benadryl is doing the trick at night, but getting "into" bed early is about a 50/50 gamble at this point.

  • had to get groceries/sick supplies after work earlier this week.

  • feeling slightly cloudy, less than focused, with some aches. dry cough. my voice sounds like i've been smoking 2 packs of cigs a day since i was 12.

  • feeling grateful that i'm not as sick as i was this time last year. i was down for the count for a few days with a ridiculous cough.

  • also grateful that i have not been kidnapped by a mexican drug cartel.


k said...

Ohh...sickly. And I was JUST thinking, "I wonder if Rachie succcombed to the sickness?"

And, right on about that last point. It should be noted that things could always be worse.

Anonymous said...

hope this won't put you into birthday blues!