26 February 2009

blah to bright

I don't know about you, but I've had about three months too many of this winter or blah weather. Tonight it's actually raining! There's the ever-present chance that temperatures will dip below freezing and the rain will turn into a full on blizzard of bad weather! 

My outlook usually tends to be pretty cheery, optimistic even. I'm hoping it's the weather. I'm usually pretty content with what the day lays out before me. These last few days have me wondering when something exciting is going to happen. When am I going to win the lottery so I can pursue more creative and less lucrative endeavors? I guess I need to actually play the lottery so that I might one day win. 

First thing I'd do - book a flight somewhere warm with nothing but a bikini, flip flops and a sundress in my bag. I might bring  a tooth brush, sun screen and a few of my peeps, too. While sunning my pasty bits, I'd map out my next millionaire move. 

There would likely be more travel, charity for sure, and doing a few projects around the house. I think I'd keep my house. It's too cute to  cast off. I might get another house somewhere else just for good measure, but I'm going to hang onto Old Ben. It's been very good to me. 

See, I already feel better...changed perspective always does me a world of good. Life is pretty darn swell where I sit. The bad weather can just suck it! I will prevail! 


k said...

Three co-workers and myself recently told our boss that if we won the lottery, to not expect us in the next day. She confirmed that she would not be here as well.

We also discussed the buy new home v. keep old home and buy vacation home v. just go to resorts.

I find it good to have these things sketched out ahead of time.

anita joy said...

Gotta love hope.