04 February 2009

so far...

Some random bits from my day so far:

Ran four miles yesterday. My hip has started being cranky, which I am not jazzed about. Hello, Hip, we’ve got about three more months to train for Riverbank. It’s really important that you work with me, not against me. Hip. Must. Cooperate!

My favorite song right now is called Knocked Up by Kings of Leon. Yeah, it's what you think. It’s actually sweet and Caleb Followill’s voice is s-e-x-y. I can't stop listening to these guys since seeing them last week.

Made my first batch of green juice last night. It was better than I expected. Kale, cucumber and green apple. The kale made it slightly bitter, but the cucumber and apple evened it out. Need to watch the batch size next time, or find a friend who can and will come over and drink juice with me, as all the veggie goodness fades if you store it.
“Do you want to form a secret alliance?” This is one quote from the Office that we use in my office on the regular. I have one right now, but it is a secret alliance, so I can’t tell you any more. Just know that whenever I’m asked this question, the answer will always be, “Absolutely, I do!”

People who can play stringed instruments well intrigue me. Andrew Bird, I’m writing about you. (Click the link if you want to hear a great live show!) I played Suzuki violin when I was little just like Andrew Bird started out. I quit when I was five, because I didn’t like to play standing up. Little did I know that if I just hung in there, I would have eventually been able to play sitting down!!
Just found out about Stilletto Spy School. Spy school for the ladies. It’s meant to be a fun get away type deal where women can learn some new skills that might come in handy anywhere from “the boardroom to the bedroom.” Training missions in New York or Las Vegas might include military hand-to-hand combat, racing cars and speedboats, martini mixology, tango and pole dancing and precision firearms training. Sign me up, I need to brush up on my tango.

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loveball said...

I will definitely experiment with and join you in drinking the green juice! But I also want to make fruit smoothies. And I enjoy a secret alliance. I join one on occasion. Stiletto Spy School? Somebody sign you up, stat.