23 February 2009

birthday weekend (food) recap

My birthday weekend was fabulous! I feel really lucky to have such good people in my life. Some that I've known for a super long time and some that I'm just getting to know. The well-wishes from all were lovely and made me feel amazing! YAY!

Along with great friends and family, food played a major role in my birthday weekend! What a surprise! I had Ethyopian food at Little Africa on Friday night for my birthday dinner with my mom and M. I felt so special when the owner, Lou, came out with incense for a sort of birthday greeting/blessing and the restaurant broke into "Happy Birthday". Very special. We were the last to leave the restaurant full of delicious food and having had plenty of girl talk!

Saturday, I was rescued from the snowy/icy mess in my alley by my mom, and my Marquette aunt & uncle. We managed to carve a route through the blowing snow to have dinner at Big Bob's, a perennial favorite. We had pizza and fun conversation. We came back to my place for the last of my homemade carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a spot of tea.

Sunday. Popcorn during The Reader and random munching through the day leading up to dinner. My mom made a tasty veggie lasagna and green salad. I whipped up garlic bread with an ample amount of butter and fresh garlic. And for dessert, we had cute mini cheese cakes that mom made.

My cold is almost gone! With all the yummy food I've been indulging in and my almost restored ability to breath, there's no time like the present to get back to the running!

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anita joy said...

Seriously, yo...waiting for that cupcake to arrive via mail. Oh - wait - the mail man just came! Maybe today's the day?!

Good to hear you were pampered and loved.