14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you're happily synced up with the love of your life or single and looking to mingle, I thought you'd enjoy a cupcake! 

 I baked them last night. My secret family recipe chocolate cake and a new vanilla butter cream frosting I tried out for the first time. I really enjoy the whole process of baking and marvel at the results every time. Science in the kitchen that yields something pretty and delicious!

 Enjoy your day!


loveball said...

perhaps I leave a message and have same luck as ginger cookies? heh heh..j/k Happy Valentine's Day Rachie!

k said...

You should know that we consumed these at a very inappropriate rate.

Tendo's words, "Holy crap! What are these made of? Little bits of goodness?"

Thanks so much for sharing--it was exactly what we needed.

Anonymous said...


I missed out on said cupcakes.Maybe you could squish one in an envelope and mail it to Holland?