18 January 2010

Golden Globes Glamour

Anna Paquin in Stella McCartney. Normally not a fan of anything in gold, but I like the cut of this dress. It's simple, yet daring. And it's something different than the most of the one shoulder or strapless numbers on the red carpet.

Sandra Bullock (who won the Golden Globe for best performance a motion picture drama for The Blinde Side) in a purple Bottega Veneta gown. Pretty sure the rain made the dress a little see through. Bummer. Perhaps her stylist had the rain in mind for her hair - sort of half up on the side. Not a fan, but you can't really tell if it's messy on purpose or messy because of the weather. In that case, it's a win.

Jamie Pressley. She's a tiny sparkler! I'd like to see this bead/sequin work on a dress cut like Anna Paquin's dress above. Combine the two and we'd be in business.

Susan Downey. Pretty Dress. Perfect for the wife of a nominee. It's not too flashy, not too fashion-forward where she'd be the one in the spotlight. They look good together. I would have made him shave his goatee though. The whole sculpting a goatee or beard deal, it's too contrived. I was happy that he won, he was entertaining in Sherlock Holmes.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in pink dress by unidentified designer. Something about this dress says Origami. Will she be able to fold up her dress into a giant swan at the end of the night? I think the dress is pretty, but would lose the asymmetric one shoulder bit and just go for strapless. Also, her hair is too severe for the dress. I would have liked to see her hair down with some soft waves.

Julia Roberts in vintage Yves Saint Laurent. Here's what I don't get, this dress is technically a black long sleeve dress. Nothing spectacular, right? This is a going out to dinner dress, not a presenting at the Golden Globes dress. Meh, I was not impressed.

Drew Barrymore in Atelier Versace. Um...this might have worked if there was only one small spiny hedgehog-looking attachment to the dress. There definitely does not need to be one on a woman's hip! For the love of God. It looks like a growth of some sort. Not a good thing. And it's a one shoulder dress...*shakes head*. How does this dress get picked? Did someone have to talk Drew into it or did she pick it willingly?

Kate Hudson in Marchesa. Beautiful. Nice to see Kate in something that is a little different for her. There's no whiff of patchouli with this dress. The only drawback to the entire ensemble is that in this particular photo, being able to see only the front of her stacked heels really bugs me out. It makes it seem like she's wearing some chunky white orthopedic shoes.

January Jones in Lanvin. She's totally channeling a 60's era Barbie and I dig it.

Courteney Cox Arquette in Victoria Beckam. Simple and elegant. I really like this and would probably pick something similar if I had an award show to attend. Maybe a little too safe for the Golden Globes though.

My overall thoughts on the show - no to the asymmetric one shoulder look. I'd probably hold my own umbrella if it were raining on my award ceremony night. Definitely a long dress. Mo'nique's acceptance speech made me get all teary-eyed. I was happy for Jeff Bridges (the Dude). I want to see Crazy Heart now. I love how even though it was raining on the red carpet all the lights make it look like it's sunny. There's something to think about. Even in the utmost dark, light, positive thoughts make all the difference.

Did you have a favorite look or moment from last night's Golden Globes?


k said...

Mo'Nique's speech made me teary too. And I thought she looked snazzy.

I liked all the gold dresses this go 'round, especially Toni Collette's.

Oh! And I like Penelope Cruz's dress.

loveball said...

uh...girls..I completely missed the red carpet. And then I only caught part of the ceremony. aargh. And reading that you both watched..I almost couldn't take it! I miss you!!!

And 1)love the name January Jones. And I love her dress. Lanvin for the win.

CurlyGirl said...

Ugh... I am so angry that I missed the GGs! I fully intented to catch them, and then was too fried by bed time to even watch for a few.