26 January 2010

Day Three (afternoon)

Dear Internets,
It's been three days aboard this ship with nary a sweet, cheese or bread stuff to be found. The cravings are so much stronger than the other days of the cleanse. This afternoon, I've been thinking about what it would be like to eat the following items, in no particular order and of course not all at the same time:

Frosting, heck, I'd eat the cake too!
Cheese in any of its melty forms.
Crusty delicious bread.
Big Bob's cheesy breadsticks, which combines bread and cheese!
A slice of pizza from NYC or Georgio's (have you tried Georgio's in GR yet?!)
Swiss cake rolls. Hey, Little Debbie, can you hear me?!
Cookies. Ginger snaps or chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.
Diet coke.
Ice cream.
Barbecue Sauce.

Really, these cravings are not any different from my usual cravings, it's just that I might actually eat some of them if I weren't so determined to make it the full seven days of the cleanse (some of you have asked how long it goes...). I will prevail. Going to try not to think about it.

Got any food cravings you want to share?

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