28 January 2010

Day Five

Are you sick of this yet?

I'm just getting used to it, settling in and it's almost over! I love that this exercise has made me stretch in the kitchen so I'm not just eating steamed veggies, brown rice and straight up tofu every night for seven days. I don't know if I'd be able to eat like I've been eating for EVERY meal, but if I keep eating this healthy for half my meals, that would be something in terms of my over all health and energy level!

So what did I eat today? I believe I mentioned the lentil soup that was last night's dinner. I had that again for lunch today with my requisite 1/2 cup of brown rice. During my lunch time, I also made some more Indian sweet potato oven fries for tomorrow's at-work lunch (I got to work at home today!).

After work, I was happy to be able to hang out and do some hair with my friend S. So I ate a really late dinner tonight. I JUST finished cleaning up the kitchen. The kids in BK do it that way, so it must be okay! The cool thing, I wasn't soo hungry that I just had the soup again. I wanted to try making a tofu scramble for my protein tonight. I found a great recipe online and gave it a go.

With all the tofu I needed to be eating during the cleanse, this week was either going to be the week I turned a good corner with tofu or ended up seriously hating it. WOW! Forget scrambled eggs! This was so easy to make. Delicious and not slimy or runny the way scrambled eggs sometimes are. The egg scramble can go wrong in too many ways. I can see the tofu scramble being a solid go-to from now on! From the recipe, I left out the red pepper and soy bacon. Just garnished with some fresh dill. Dill is my new favorite herb. We're getting along famously. I think we're going to be really good friends.

So it's the end of Day Five and I'm still feeling good. Energy is still up and I just realized, I ate my dinner and I'm not even thinking about something sweet. (I guess except for the fact that I just thought about the fact that I'm not thinking about it!) That, folks is major progress! I don't think I've lost any weight, which I don't think I technically needed to, but it's a possible benefit of doing this particular detox/cleanse. I feel like I'm always eating and/or in the kitchen. It's all good though. I'm enjoying it. Also enjoying the ongoing blog updates for those of you actually interested enough in this crazy experiment to be reading about it.

And on a completely different subject. Rosie has been fascinated with this shopping bag today for some reason. It's the bag I've been bringing my lunch/Nalgene water bottle to work in this week. She climbed into it while it was sitting up right, so I picked it up and walked around with her in the bag. Just her head was peeking out. It was pretty funny. I just kept thinking, how's the cat gonna get outta the bag?! Tonight she climbed back into the bag and I was able to capture this pic ! So cute!

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ula said...

I would also love to calm down my sweet tooth. Last night I did not eat anything sweet after dinner either, and realized I ate sweet potatoes for dinner as well. Maybe that's the trick?