06 January 2010

do not like

We went to lunch at Qdoba today and I can still smell the restaurant grill smell on my clothes. I'm so not a fan of food smells permeating clothes. I even went as far as to leave my giant winter parka in the car so my coat wouldn't smell. So while the parka may have been able to escape being bathed in the pungent aroma of lunch, the rest of my outfit, not so lucky.

Dear Qdoba,
What exactly is going on in there? Do you need better ventilation. I think you do. Seems funny that you'd have a restaurant - you cook food for customers - and not have adequate ventilation for those customers. It's not like it's a surprise that you cook huge volumes of food every day. It's not like you're grilling up veggies and quesadillas for yourself for lunch and all of a sudden there are hundreds of people who want to eat lunch with you so you're forced to prepare food in less than adequate conditions. You are a restaurant for crying out loud!! I want to eat your food for lunch. I don't want to smell like my lunch after I eat it. I'm considering breaking up with you. Remember the sweater incident? (*)You were on my list for a couple years after that situation. Do you want that to happen again? You're on thin ice, my burrito-making friend. Don't think I don't have other burrito making friends in town. I'm just saying. Please do us all a favor and review your ventilation system.


*many years ago. The ex and I visited the Qdoba on 28th Street between lunch and dinner. We were two of maybe four people in the place. I somehow left a light sweater behind. I called the restaurant within a half hour of our departure. When I described the sweater, they said they had it. I went back shortly after the call and they tried to pawn a fleece from the lost and found box on me. It was so not my sweater. I'm pretty sure one of the staff members snaked the sweater for themselves. Of course there was no way for me to substantiate my suspicion, but it took me a couple years before I'd even consider eating there again.


k said...

I'm laughing.

A few things:

I read your first sentence as "I went to church at Qdoba.." Heh.

Also, on My Mega List of Things That Drive Me Batshit Crazy--perhaps even in the top 5-is Smelling Like Where I Ate. I hate it so insanely much.

Lastly, I find it hilarious that they tried to give you some manky, pilly fleece in exchange for your sweater.

loveball said...

girrrl, I remember the sweater incident! You were PISSED.

Also, the thought of you and K eating at (I'm guessing, The Schnitz) and talking about paparazzi makes me miss you both incredibly!