25 January 2010

Day Two

I kept waking up last night, and was relieved that I still had more time to sleep. When my alarm went off I actually got out of bed - partially due to the fact that I knew my morning routine would be a little different since I'd be making my UltraShake, getting my lunch together, etc., plus all my other normal morning duties. I also felt rested and like I had a little more energy. We'll see if it lasts through the week! Ha! It usually takes me a few snoozes on the ole alarm before actually GETTING out of bed.

I actually felt good all day. I usually get a craving around 10:00 a.m. for something, anything really. I usually eat some raisins or something just to get through. Today, I looked at the clock around that time and wasn't hungry. I did drink a small cup of broth a bit before lunch, just because I brought it in my handy thermos. My lunch was almost too much food. Sweet potato oven fries left over from last night's lunch, brown rice and some lettuce/hummus wraps. I brought another UltraShake just in case I got hungry in the afternoon. I wanted to be able to go to the gym with enough energy/fuel to do my regular workout. Didn't need the afternoon shake. And I was able to run my scheduled 3 miles without incident! Pretty cool!

One thing I'm noticing about this practice so far, I'm excited about food. I'm into trying veggies that aren't in my regular rotation. It's fun!

For dinner tonight, I used the leftover tofu I had from last night's dinner and sauteed it with some onion and garlic for my protein. I baked an acorn squash and ate half of that with a little Earth Balance Spread (vegan buttery spread) and some cinnamon.

I also ate a few more lettuce wraps as I made them for tomorrow's lunch. Tonight I put a dab of hummus on each lettuce leaf, a slice of avocado, then sprinkled a little lemon juice and a touch of salt. This is my new favorite snack! Delicious!!!

Basically it's going really well. I'm feel good. My energy level seems to be up. I'm drinking water and actually enjoying it. Of course that means I'm always going to the lady's room, but that's what a cleanse is all about, right?! I'm giving my kidneys a work out!

Day three should be another good day. Going to hit the hay here in a few so I'm getting the rest I need.

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