07 January 2010


During a recent conversation with K, we discussed what it might be like to live with paparazzi trailing your every move. Can you even imagine? I do not think I would enjoy it.

Today they would have snapped me walking to lunch in my work-at-home clothes (thankfully I was not working in my pajamas!), no make up, hair in braids with winter hat on. Hat stayed on to cover messy hair throughout lunch. There would have most definitely been shots of me scarfing my grilled cheese and tomato soup. Although, now that I think about it, we chose our table wisely, the paps would have had to be in the restaurant to snap either of us. We were sort of hidden. I guess we're savvy in pap-avoidance techniques without even knowing it.

Every minute detail of your life would be documented. Bad hair days. Comings and goings. Who you're with. Who you're dating. Questionable outfit. Are you going to the gym regularly? Weight gain/loss. Did you fall asleep in that meeting? What are you buying at the grocery store?

I think it would be particularly terrible if you were going through a break up. They'd get you with puffy eyes if you forgot to don your shades. If they're photographing you, they'd most likely also be photographing your ex and whomever he might be canoodling with. Uck.

While I would not enjoy having my life documented by the paps, I do enjoy seeing the lives of others documented. I know, it's not fair, but that's how it is. I'm also not getting paid millions and millions for the work I do. Hang on while I go check my google reader for the latest celeb news and photos.

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