23 February 2010

Items of Note

A few items to share, some are in direct relation to celebrating my birthday this weekend and some are not:

I am super grateful that I have such a great group of people that I can call friends. I'm a wealthy lady when it comes to the people I have in my life!

Everytime I bowl, I think I should bowl more often, but usually still only average going about once a year.

It's a bummer that people are moving out of Michigan. This weekend, I met a super-cute, artsy couple that R was already friends with. They're in the process of selling most of their stuff and getting ready to move to California. While that seems like a daunting process, I bet it would also be completely freeing to let go of so much stuff. I guess I don't have to move out of state to do this, just need to start weeding. And while the GR art community will now be short this cool couple, that just makes for two more cool people in California. And it serves as a reminder to make an effort to get to know those cool people that that I just sort of know, but would like to know better!

Cake with frosting in your favorite color makes for a fun photo op. There was a definite color theme for the weekend!

The world is really small. The guy that helped get us squared away at the bowling alley this weekend is the son of a sales rep I worked with at my high school/college bakery job. He literally must have been a baby when I worked there and he's a young man now, which makes me old(ish)!

I've loved Jamie Oliver since watching him on the Food Network back in the days of yore when I had cable. I love him even more after watching his TED talk. You should watch it now! His mission is to educate children (and adults) about healthy food. He makes a great case. There are children who don't know what common vegetables are! And make sure to look for the wheelbarrow full of sugar!

Speaking of good food. I'm on a mission to be able to make brown rice that turns out like they make it at Gaia. I found this on Pinch My Salt, and I'm going to give it a try the next time I make rice, which will be very soon! Since the UltraSimple Diet, I've been eating rice like it's going out of style. I'll let you know how the new method works out.

Sometimes, the best gift of all is keeping your word.

I really want a Diet Coke right now. But we're not seeing each other any more. Such a dysfuctional relationship!

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