09 February 2010

little things

I don't know about you, but it helps my state of mind to focus on the good, looking for things I'm grateful for each day. I could just as easily come up with a "not so grateful for" list, but if I choose not to be a Bitter Betty today, my day goes so much better because I've made that choice! Things have made the gratitude list lately:

A bowl big enough for the job, especially if it's stainless steel!

Packages in the mail.

New magazines.

Saving money.

Making healthy choices about food.

Finishing my taxes in record time. Earlier than usual!

Running. (This depends on the day and time you ask me and how many miles I've got to run, but since I didn't have to run tonight and training is going well, it's on the list.)

Fresh laundry. (This goes hand in hand with the running. Totally appreciate the fresh clean laundry, but hate actually doing it!)

Finding out that something I worked on helped my company get a law suit thrown out of court.

Having a night off where I didn't have to do anything! The snow helped out on that one tonight!

What's on your gratitude list?

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