16 February 2010

My Name Is...

I've been seeing this look up your name thing on Facebook for thee last few weeks. Hmmm. Then my good friend K posted the meaning of her name, so I thought I'd follow suit and look up mine. Here's the number two listing for my name:

A smart, sassy and sexy woman who knows things from fashion, to film to literature, from Manolo Blahniks to Mahatma Gandhi.


Another fun Internet time suck, look up names of other people you know and see if any of the listings are close to describing the people you know. Reading through some of the "definitions" my mental picture of the average author - middle school to high school age, too much time on their hands, writing a definition as a way to bolster their own image with the kids in their crowd or with the object of their affection. High-larious! I would have totally written fitting definitions for my crushes in middle school and high school.

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