05 December 2008

Trikes for Tykes

This afternoon I had the distinct pleasure of being one of Santa's helpers. I helped build tricycles all afternoon, that will be delivered to children who are currently in foster care or group home type situations. A total of 200 bright, shiny red tricycles were built today, exactly like the kind I had when I was little enough to fit on that tiny seat and turn the peddles. 
I was happy to be included in an effort that will bring some light and happiness to children who have been in situations that were, no doubt, quite dark. Reflecting on it now, I'm sad that there are kids who are in need anywhere. Parents who aren't with their kids because they've somehow been deemed not fit to care for them. We built 200 tricycles, that's 200 kids right here in Kent county who were/are in situations that will affect them forever. There are more who won't get tricycles. There are more who aren't even in protective care. Building tricycles is a small gesture, a small stone thrown in the pond. I pray for a big ripple from that small stone. It's got me thinking. What can I do that goes beyond? How can I be part of the bigger ripple?


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