27 December 2008

new beginnings

I ran outside for the first time in probably a couple months today. It had also been a couple weeks since I'd been to the gym and had done anything beside shovel snow as exercise. I'll have you know shoveling the amount of snow we've had has not been a piece of cake. It was like a part-time job there for a while.  The good news, I didn't die doing just under 4 miles like I thought I might. I've still got it in me to run a few miles.

My plan is to run in the Resolution Run on New Year's Eve. That's a four mile race around Reeds Lake. It also kicks off my training season for the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25k in May. Just putting it in writing so I stick to my plan. Part of the fun of kicking up the running again is getting some new gear to make running outside more of a pleasure than a pain - since running at the gym has not been enjoyable at all. It's too easy to just stop when you want - when you're out running on the road, if you're 2 miles out, you have run the 2 miles home. At the gym, you can just stop! Looking forward to getting back into a training routine, racking up the miles with a purpose. 

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Completely different subject: I know from experience that "more will be revealed when the time is right," but I'm soo curious to know what's going to happen next! Just need to let it unfold and enjoy the process.

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