05 December 2008

In my stylist mind

Mom-jeans are not flattering on anyone. Whatever shape you happen to be, there are flattering jeans available that do not come up to your armpits and taper at the ankles.

Another denim-related note, the Texas tuxedo (aka the jean suit ), jeans, with either a denim shirt or jacket may actually only be fashionably acceptable in Texas. I’ve never been and have no immediate plans to go, so I cannot confirm that suspicion. I can only tell you there are far better ways to wear denim. Just ask. Seriously. Tempted to pull on your favorite jeans and a jean jacket? Call me and I’ll talk you down, steer you in a more fashionable direction.

This one is completely my own revelation, but maybe it’s happened to you – whenever I have thoughts of chopping my hair to a more manageable length – I suddenly have some good hair days where the length is working. I do need a trim, but it’s like the hair knows its days might be numbered, so it starts behaving and looking extra cute.

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