08 December 2008

Hot and Not

Hot: Buying North Face gear on eBay. How fun is it to get things in the mail that you got a good deal on?
Hot: The prospect of having nine whole days off in a row around Christmas with no definite plans! A road trip north is a distinct possibility though.

Hot: Running into an ex and not being the one who feels like you've been punched in the gut.

Not: Realizing there might be a family of living creatures in your attic. Squirrels? Racoons? Could it be the Littles?! I'm not sure and I don't want to look. I'll just wait until they come chomping through the wall.

Hot: Walking in the snow to your chosen destination rather than risking life, limb and VW by driving the roads of ice-treachery. Wish work was within walking distance!

Not: The indent left on one's calves after wearing knee socks. Totally dig socks that stay up, but leaving a mark?! Come on!

Hot: Kings of Leon. Got tickets to their January show in East Lansing! Can't wait!

Not: Current-day Christmas music. And the radio stations that play it 24/7. I prefer the old school Holiday tunes.

Hot: The collarbone-grazing length hair that a few celebs are currently sporting and that yours-truly is considering. 

1 comment:

k said...

We at Casa de K also avoid our attic.

I live in fear that Wild America is being filmed up there and that if I proceed up the stairs that they will be angered and jump on my face.