23 December 2008

Sweet Sewing Project

All the cold weather we've been having has inspired me to get creative in my fight to stay warm. I had a the idea to craft a draft dodger drape for my back hallway. Fabric requirements: had to be light color, had to have some visual interest as it's about 9' floor to ceiling, had to be heavy enough to actually somewhat contain the cold air coming from the garage, and it had to be a decent price. 

Here's what I found. I really like the texture and just the hint of color. 

Here's how the finished project looks. It was a quick sew, just a hem on each end. Used a tension shower curtain rod to hang it. Oh, and this is fun: there are stacks of pennies sewn into the bottom hem to keep it anchored on the floor. 
Since I finished it and put it up a couple hours ago, I've gone into the back hallway to see if I can tell if it's any warmer. When you put your hand on the other side of the curtain, it's definitely colder! So it must be working. Love it when I can actually make something I need! 

Stay warm!


k said...

Aren't you slick!

I once made a bunch of draft-snakes for the house. But now they're lost.

I think they slithered away.

Anonymous said...

Love that!