06 January 2011


Loving this Viktor & Rolf fragrance right now! I picked up the little purse-sized Flowerbomb roll on over the holidays and it's so yummy. For winter I tend to wear something a little heavier. I've worn Michael Kors and loved that, but wanted to try something different this year! Flowerbomb is perfect, all kind of floral like you'd expect with the name Flowerbomb, but it's got some deeper notes - just read through the description on Sephora.com and it says it has a patchouli base. Oh, it's making sense now! Not too heavy though, it's more haute couture not hippie!

Do you switch up your scents from spring/summer to fall/winter? What scent are you loving right now?


RTL said...

Patchouli! Smells like a hamster cage! Ha Ha Hippie. Im still rockin' the Obsession with a small dose of Vanilla oil behind the ears.

k said...

You know, I don't mix it up on the season. I have two scents: Moonlight Path by Bath and Body Works and the traditional Vera Wang. Have loved both for years.

meena said...

no way, dude! i fell in love with this scent last march in an nyc sephora, while hanging out with jess (a girls weekend compliments of daddy:) i have worn it exclusively since then. all i can say is it is the BOMB!