26 January 2011

A Question for Modern Times

I'm curious what everyone else does in this situation. You go to a restaurant to pick up some yummy take out items. It's the kind of place where the pleasant person helping you actually has to package your food - go get the soup, the accompanying roll and heap some salad into a container from the deli case. You pay with a credit card, where there is space for writing in a tip - because it's a restaurant and that's how every receipt must look - and for your signature. You go to said place a lot. Like, they know who you are on sight. Do you write in a tip for counter service? I don't believe there's a "tip jar" for cash like some establishments have. So I'm not really sure what's expected. Don't want to feel like a tool for not tipping, if that's standard practice.

Help! Do you have an answer to this question for modern times? Please share!


k said...

Holy snakes! I was JUST going to ask the interwebs this same thing. Balls if I know what's appropriate.

I consider myself a tipping machine, but in this case don't does the same amount as table service which I think is excessive.

Please report back!

RTL said...

YES! Of course you tip. Their time is worth something. Just like any working class servant. A dollar or two at least.

Anonymous said...

Was it a server person working the counter? They are paid a lower wage to take into account that they are receiving tips while waiting tables. A counter person should be getting paid more to work the register/to go orders. No tip. (Terry dictated this to me) : )