27 January 2011

Fashion Week Style

Jill over at Good Life For Less blogged about this and how could I not participate in the fun? I just pulled together a warm, front row-worthy look for Bergdorf Goodman's Fashion Director, Linda Fargo to wear during F/W 2011 New York Fashion Week. Bergdorf's has paired up with Polyvore for quite the contest to style Ms. Fargo. Why not participate for a chance to head to Lincoln Center to take in a few shows!

Here's how I came up with my look for Ms. Fargo. First of all, I lived through a New York City winter, it can be very cold! And, they've been getting walloped by snow this winter, so she definitely needs layers, (not pictured, but I'd put a black tissue T under the dress), sensible footwear, and some protection from the elements.

I dug around for some photos of Ms. Fargo, so I could get a feel for her personal style. From what I can gather (photos via Zimbio):

She wears leather and fur. The scarf I chose for her is faux!

She looks fab in red and with a great red lip!

She's pro-scarf!

She digs an animal print (who doesn't?!) and she carries a large handbag to the shows!

Here's my look for Ms. Linda Fargo! What do you think? Click the link and it will take you over to my Polyvore page so you can see all the fashionable details!

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