12 November 2010

Better than Drama

Here's the latest in Starr Fish land. I really wish I had more exciting things to share with you this week, but work has been mad busy and everything else just seems to be at this kind of boring, just cruising along point. I guess that's better than drama!

Seriously, you guys, as I started to think about what's been going this past week I wasn't coming up with a lot. With what I'm about to type, it will become alarmingly clear just how boring things have been. Without going into tons of detail, let's just say the cats have not been super good about practicing litter box etiquette lately and I've now learned by way of vet lab tests that they both have feline UTIs. Seriously, is this really my life? They were champs at the vet, but did not want to get into the carrier to actually go there. Both are now on a 14-day course of antibiotics (have you tried giving pills to a cat?!) and there's also special food now because Junior's pH was too high, which is not good. The food is supposed to regulate the pH.


In other news, I know you all must be dying to know what's going on with my teeth. Really, I can feel it through the interwebz! I am here to tell you, the teeth are still glistening and shiny with their braces, but they are getting close to where I want them to be. I had an orthodontist visit this week and just got rewired. Back in three weeks. Maybe I'll have my teeth back by Christmas? Maybe?!


Are you a Will Arnett fan? Although the entire cast on Arrested Development was amazing, he was one of my favorites as Gob. I happened to catch his new show Running Wilde this week and it was pretty funny. I had a couple of actual LOL moments. David Cross, who played Tobias on Arrested Development is in a few episodes too! If you haven't seen it and are looking for a new show to check out, give it a go over on hulu.


I wish I could edit the Sunday Secrets on postsecret.com for a few weeks. I'm always bummed out that there aren't more each week. I know the creator of the site receives thousands of secrets each week...he should post more!

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RTL said...

R! What do you tel me when I say? "I wish I could do something" Contact the site admin and offer of skills. Work your magic!