27 June 2011

All Questions: the Mars edition

So this single lady has had a few questions regarding the fellas.....

Just going to throw these all out there so they're out of my head. If you should feel so inclined to play along (be you from Mars or Venus), go for it in the comments! More questions or answers are all accepted.

In no particular order:

*If, after three years you realized that your ex took something when he left that you thought you've had all along, would you let it go? Or find a way to get it back? You might really want the thing he took.

*Why would a gentleman NEVER mention the fact that he has a live-in girlfriend (not even casually like, "oh, yeah, my girlfriend helped me out with that" or "my girlfriend and I went to that..."), but then mention it to your friend whom he's met all of two times.

*Why would a gentleman when given a perfect opening to tell you he's in a band, not tell you he's in a band? Don't all gentlemen in bands want everyone to know they're in a band?

*What's with a gentleman (or really anyone for that matter) who doesn't return a friendly smile?

That's all I've got for now. Maybe I'll be able to sleep better tonight with all that out of my head and out in the universe.


k said...

I think, if I were on friendly, amicable, speaking terms with said ex, I would ask for The Thing back.

I like my stuff.

...love Maegan said...

lol, well none of these men sound like "gentlemen" hahahah.

nokdeez said...

I'll do my best = )

1. Depends on the item and how things ended. If enough time has passed that communication wouldn't be an issue, I'd just ask.

2. Because he liked you and didn't know how to bring it up. This works both ways.

3. Same reason someone with an MBA from Harvard doesn't announce it...oh wait. nevermind. no good answer. sorry.

4. That someone prolly needs a hug too!