05 November 2010


Who doesn't like a little reward for a job well done? Or maybe it's a pay off for doing not much of anything, a reward that's been earned and carried forward from a time gone by? I've got stories of both. Just two little reward story tidbits from living life as a Starr Fish this week.

With the abundance of Halloween candy and the full snack box at work, I've been playing a game with myself to encourage more water drinking and less candy eating. I start the day with a full 32 ounce Nalgene water bottle. The rule is that if I finish my water I can have candy or a snack from the snack box! So far so good this week. I've finished my water and been a responsible snacker.

Our company just wound up its United Way Campaign. Sometimes, I'm not so good on follow up that involves paperwork. That turned out in United Way's favor recently. If you contributed last year via paycheck deduction and did nothing this year in terms of handing in a form or going on line to adjust your contribution, your contribution from 2010 just continues for 2011.

My generous heart and lack of follow through earned me the right to wear jeans during the month of November, a fact that dawned on me earlier this week when I saw lots of people wearing jeans. My company is business casual and usually only allows jeans on Fridays when you've donated to the charity of the month, so jeans all month will be interesting. I don't even own that many pairs of jeans - and haven't even worn them since I realized the jeans bonus. It will be a nice option.

Do you give yourself rewards or buy yourself little treats for doing something good, enduring an extra tough work week or accomplishing a goal you've set for yourself? I do and believe heartily in it. The treat doesn't have to be extravagant at all (mine usually aren't!) - sometimes for me it's just making sure to get that coffee at Sbux when my mind says, "wouldn't a coffee be nice right about now?" We all deserve a little something just for being ourselves!

What nice thing might you do for yourself today?

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