15 November 2010

Product Love

I'm always curious about what beauty products you girlies are using, what's working and what you're loving. I cleaned out one of my medicine cabinets over the weekend and with the newly organized make up shelf, I thought I'd do a post about the products I'm using. Well, some of them anyway, since most of what you see here is for my face. My eye colors, pencils, lip and cheek colors are all housed elsewhere. So follow the handy numbers to see what's what!
  1. My assortment of make up brushes. Most of them are NARS, which I got for free when I interned there back when the line was only a year old. If you peruse the link, you'll see that the brushes are not cheap. I've taken care of them (cleaning them regularly with a little Aveda Shampure and water) and they're still going strong. It's been nearly 15 years, so had I actually purchased them, it would have been a wise investment!
  2. Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous in original. Benefit calls this "the foundation faker," which is exactly what I was looking for when I started using this about a year ago. I don't like to look like I've got make up on, and this evens out my skin tone beautifully. I love it!
  3. Aveda Dual Base in Linen. I use this more as a powder than as a base foundation, which is what it was originally made to be and how I originally used it. I've had this for a while. They now are selling "Inner Light Mineral Dual Foundation", which I haven't tried.
  4. L'oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base. That's a seriously long name for a tiny product. I had been wanting to try a make up primer, especially for my eyelids since I sometimes find my eye color disappears during the day. I just started using it after hearing about it from K one night over ice cream not too long ago when it was still warm, so I feel like it's too early to weigh in with a verdict.
  5. Lancome eye color palette, which was a gift from my friend A awhile back. Four great colors, for a little extra eye drama when I need it. LOL!
  6. L'oreal True Match liquid foundation. I tried this out after seeing Kandee Johnson's video "Perfect Skin for CHEAP!" where she used it. It's funny that it's called True Match because although at the store it looked like the right shade, based on their little color chart, it's a touch dark for me. I've been mixing it with my moisturizer to lighten it up and so far I've been liking the result.
  7. L'oreal True Match Concealer. I bought this in a concealer emergency, my favorite Arbonne concealer (see #8) was back ordered this summer and I needed a stand in. I actually like it and use it when it the mood strikes.
  8. Arbonne Creme Concealer, light. I've been using Arbonne's skin care system for a few years and love it. This is the only Arbonne make up product that I have consistently used. It's got great coverage and the creamy texture dries down to a nice powdery finish. Little known Starr Fish fact, I am an Arbonne consultant. Although I now mostly sell to myself, my mom and the occasional friend who orders, I can hook you up with any of the Arbonne products if you're curious.
  9. Tooth picks from my orthodontist. I have braces, what else can I say?
  10. Loose NARS eye shadows. Secret stash of two loose shadows that were samples and no longer in stock. One is a great purple and the other is a yellowish gold. The store threw them in as a bonus when I was purchasing some other gear.
  11. Inspiration!
Any questions? I have one for you! While I was organizing this little shelf, I wondered do you girls stow all your make up in a make up bag or a drawer or some other situation? I've got gear kind of spread out - a little on the shelf you see, some more in the medicine cabinet door and a little more in the other medicine cabinet. Just curious how y'all arrange all your beauty products...

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k said...

I am still love that Perfecting Base. It doesn't make me break out, it's a good surface between skin and makeup, it holds up through-out the day.

I have a makeup bag that I stash everything in--using one pocket for brushes and another for pencils.

And I second the vote for Arbonne concealer--it works like a mutha.