02 February 2011

El Blizzardo

So if you live anywhere near the midwest you were probably doing a little shoveling out today. I was fortunate enough to be able to work from home, so I didn't even look at the driveway until after my work day. When I finally got out there, it was a little out of hand! Two solid hours to shovel out the driveway, oh and help out my neighbor and another dude who both got stuck.

Driveway, before. Started shoveling from inside the garage.

Two hours later...I don't feel so bad about the gym being closed today! Instead of shoveling, I would have rather been skiing in all that fresh powder!

I was almost finished with the driveway when my next door neighbor came up through the alley with his shovel to say hello and to tell me he had just shoveled my front steps, which is quite the chore! How great is that?! And it proves the saying "what goes around comes around!" I had been thinking I'd head inside, eat a little something and warm up for a bit and then head back outside to do the front of the house. My neighbor's helping hand made it so I didn't even have to go back out! Bonus! So grateful for that! I love that something as annoying as too much snow in a 24-hour time frame can yield some really nice interactions with the neighbors, especially since we rarely see each other during winter!

How's El Blizzardo treating you?


RTL said...

What is a Snow Shovel?

k said...

RTL is kind of a wise acre, isn't he?

*starr fish said...

For someone who is currently in Florida, yes, K you are correct!