09 April 2010

Today's Mystery

When you've lived in the same neighborhood as long as I have, you know people by name, face and/or car. Even if you don't know someone personally, you know if they belong in your neighborhood because you've likely seen them before.

This morning on my way to work I saw someone that I'm still thinking about because I don't think they actually live in my neighborhood, yet they looked strangely familiar.

This person was walking through the alley that is behind my house. In my experience, the only people who routinely walk down the alley are people who live on the alley or are very familiar with the neighborhood, or are up to no good.

I first noticed said person, a lady, when I was pulling my car out of the garage. She must have sped up her pace when she saw the garage door open. She was already across the street when I exited the alley. Walking very fast and with purpose she cut through a parking lot near my house, almost as if to avoid being seen up close. I saw her dark hair, winter knit hat pulled down low. I thought I spied a band aid near her eye. As I sat at the corner waiting for traffic to clear, she hurried across the street and then disappeared.

Who are you, mystery person? Did I really see you or were you a figment of my imagination? Strange.

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