19 April 2010

Notes from the front.

Remember where you put your orthodontia! I thought I threw away my lower expander over the weekend and it made me feel like a complete idiot. I was dreading having to tell my orthodontist. The good news: I ended up finding it, in my own kitchen trash.

Cats 1. Me 1. Found out over the weekend that Junior has asthma. He has a history of coughing/wheezing and he's been officially diagnosed. He also now has meds that must be given to him twice a day. He managed to lick all the way around the tiny pill hidden in some wet food. I crushed it up the next time and he wouldn't even eat the food. Tonight, it's going to just have to go down the hatch without food to cover it. I'll likely have to wrestle him, risking bites and scratches in teh process in order to do so, but he needs to finish his perscription. We're only on day three! Oy! Point goes to Junior. I am also trying to train them to stay off the couch. I've basically turned the couch into a book shelf - it's covered with books, magazines and newspapers. They don't find it so comfortable and have resorted to sleeping in their cat basket bed. That point goes to me!

Love the Art Scene in Grand Rapids! R & I went to Michigan. Land of Riches on Friday at the old Public Museum. We had such a good time checking out the art mixed in with the old museum pieces. Some super creative folks came up with the idea to mix in artwork with many of the items within the museum and the musueum's archive. The vibe on Friday night was super cool with a dj spinning some tunes. There were drinks and snacks to be had and plenty of people on hand for people watching. We actually ran into quite a few people we knew, which is always a good time! The exhibit runs for a bit, so go check it out!

Run + Chat. with other runners, makes the miles go by quickly! My friend A and I are making some new running buddies during our Saturday long runs. There's always something to talk about with fellow runners and it really does help the miles tick on by. Only 18 more days until RiverBank Run!

Prepare your pan. I made some banana bread this weekend and did not "prepare" the pan. It's a fricken non-stick pan and I was feeling lazy, didn't want to go the extra step. Or I was testing the actual non-sticky-ness of the pan, yeah, that's it. Turns out the pan is rather sticky. While the bread looked like it was done, I threw it back in the oven because once it broke in half-ish when I was trying to free it from the pan I realized it was still a little mushy. It was sort of a mess. R spied the mangled bread on the counter in a zip lock bag and said, "did the cats do that?!" They are naughty cats sometimes, but the bread was all my doing. It still tastes good!

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k said...

Non-stick pans are a complete crock. Stuff ALWAYS sticks.

As for pills and pets, a co-worker uses these Pill Pocket things for her cat. He (the cat, not the co-worker) gobbles the meds right up. Zero cat wrangling.