22 April 2010

This That and the Other

The teeth hurt. Top braces were installed this morning. Eating a sandwich as one normally would was not possible at lunch. Had to cut it into pieces and eat with a fork, rendering it not that enjoyable to eat.

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My yard is in dire need of an extreme make over. I know this. I just haven't made the time to do any spring yard cleaning yet. Random strangers are apparently taking note as well. I had a dude knock on my door this afternoon and ask if I'd want to pay him to do any yard work. Probably need to make a point to get on that.

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The cat asthma medicine project has been going rather well. Junior and I have a nice system worked out now whereby he gets a treat then his medicine. Then another treat. He's actually just swallowing the pill when I pry open his chompers and toss the pill in. Well, truth be told, I do have to gently hold his mouth closed for a minute until he does, but we're done with the struggle.

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I am in the market for new pants for work. When the weather turns summer warm, I tend to wear skirts almost every day, but with the weather being all 40s in the morning, low 60s in the afternoon here in Michigan, I've been wanting to wear pants. Winter weight woolly type pants aren't working, so goes with the two pairs of velvet-like trousers that I have. If I weren't in between sizes, I'd order some pants online and just see what works. I'll probably have to venture out and actually try some on though before finding a suitable spring-time pant. I just decided, I like shopping best when I don't actually need anything.

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I read a lot. I'm a writer for my day job. Editing as I read is an occupational hazard. I know I'm not perfect when it comes to sending a blog post up the flag pole. But I do read each post before I post it and then after it's posted. The rate at which I've been spying typos or full-on grammatical errors lately seems to be increasing. Just saw the misuse of "it's" vs. "its" in a very popular local blog. The other day it was someone talking about a "coy" pond, I'm pretty sure they meant a "koi" pond, but I could be wrong, they could have been discussing a rather quiet or shy pond. I should start a proofreading service.

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CurlyGirl said...

Ugh, our yard is sprouting weeds. The man of the house seriously needs to get the mower out. I've been itching to do some springtime gardening, but alas I am currently too round and tired to attempt it. I often fantasize about winning a contest in which someone makesover my yard into some beautiful and serene sort of Chinese garden.